Yoneyama ryu Tatejutu is Samurai sword based on Aikido.It is constructed to show power of oneself to the maximum by using the minimum power。It is arranged to be easy to understand the form and the skill that there is innumerable.Therefore anyone becomes able to learn both children and adults.It is beautiful and becomes able to show the fight with the flow by acquiring one one well.

I try for the spread of swords which are traditional culture in Japan and make the situation to be able to learn a sword and am performing the performance of the fight scene with it now in each place. Yoneyama runs the classroom of the samurai sword in Tokyo, Kanagawa.In addition, Yoneyama tells the samurai sword by the class of the high school in Machida.Yoneyama tells the armor corps of Odawara the samurai sword.

I am doing online lesson with You tube. You can learn Samurai Sword figthing yourself. Examination will be held in June and December.You send me video,so i will check the video. If you pass the Examination,you will be eligible. You can get certificate of merit.

Yuki Yoneyama
He was born in Kanagawa for 1977 years
It is a black belt holder for aikido Karate. Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu purple zone.
I study under 林邦史郎 of the NHK TV saga exclusive belonging sword fighting teacher. I experience the spots such as "one of "Jishu Hojou" "Musashi" Class "waiting with Toshiie" newly-compiled book" and am in charge of choreography as a sword fighting teacher in the theatrical company where I belonged to of own.
With Taku Sakaguchi of the action movie "VERSUS" star which is a work which has brought the author into prominence of Ryuhei Kitamura who is supervision of "Azumi", I learn an action in the present age and experience the spots such as TBS drama "bebop high school" "south total 8, Satomi dog biography" or movie "忍 SHIOBI" and become independent afterwards and am active as a sword fighting teacher, action supervision afterwards.
I show a fight scene performance now in the country. I receive a high evaluation by France, Chile, Romania, a dance in Germany.