Samurai Sword Lesson

In the lesson, I teach samurai sword by a historical drama in 『Yoneyama ryu Tatejutu』.Behavior on a movie and the stage charm you, and instruct one, conduct.In the kids Branch, I teach it to the growth of not only the technique improvement of the fight scene including the feeling to treat courtesy and a thing carefully but also the child including seeming to be connected through samurai sword.

Tokyo Branch

【Day of Week】Wednesday
【Place】Meguro station

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Yokohama Branch

【Day of Week】Tuesday
【Place】Yokohama station

Odawara Branch

【Day of Week】Friday
【Place】Kamonomiya station

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Totsuka Kids Branch

【Day of Week】Thursday
【Place】Totsuka station

Odawara Kids Branch

【Day of Week】Friday
【Place】Kamonomiya station

Personal lesson

【Day of Week】Irregular