The enrollment fee is 3,000 yen.When you participated in the first lesson, please pay.You get lesson manual DVD.

It is 3,000 yen at one month, four times.Please pay the fee first on the day that came.

When you resign, please report by the previous month. When it is this month, it takes a fee.

The experience-based lesson is to each one time of classroom, and please pay lesson charges of 1,000 yen.

I lend a wooden sword, the sponge sword here. Please bring it by each person basically.

The enrollee establishes participation in sports security insurance.It is 800 yen in one year. The injury is possible, and takes a lesson with caution enough, but please be careful as you cannot take responsibility in the case of an emergency in us.

Admission fee 3,000 yen
Monthly fee 3,000 yen
Sports security insurance 800 yen/Year